Connector Reel Cleaner

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Dust, oil and other contaminants found on the surface or within a fiber optic
connector ferrule can lead to serious degradation of signal transmission quality.
The NTT-AT Connector Cleaner series delivers results superior to competitive
products, without the use of alcohol.
The Cleaner is available in lightweight reel, card or stick formats. The cleaners
employ a pre-washed dust-free micro-fiber material, and are coated with an
anti-static finish which acts to significantly reduce the attraction of dust particles,

making the cleaner ideal for use in clean rooms and wherever static electricity is

generated. Right-handed or left-handed, cleaning is quick and convenient.Reels and

card refills are easy to swap in and out. All major connector/ferrule types are supported.
The reel cleaner e×poses only enough material for one cleaning, leaving the remaining

material protected within the reel for the ne×t use. The cleaner card type fits easily

in a pocket, and cards are individually sealed. The stick types clean the interior of a

1.25mm (Small Form Factor) ferrule, or standard 2.5mm ferrule.

1.Small Form Factor (LC, MU) Connectors
2.Multifiber (MPO, MT-RJ) Connectors
3.Standard (SC, FC, ST,D4, DIN) Connectors
1.Micro-fiber material provides superior without scratching
3.Does not harm fiber during cleaning
4.Dry cleaning process (no alcohol required)
5.Anti-static finish gathers less dust
7.Easy and economical refilling

ABS* (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Resin with Anti-Static Agent
(Dispenser) Pre-washed, Dust-free, Micro-fiber Cleaner (Material)

Dimension (mm)83 × 127 × 48
Weight (g)150
PackagingIndividually sealed
Consumables6 reel package